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Proposals for International Medieval Research

If you saw some great papers at this year’s IMC that you would like to see published, we are always open to proposals for our International Medieval Research (IMR) series.

The IMC does not publish its full proceedings, but IMR provides an opportunity to publish a collection of papers presented at the IMC that cohere around a common theme. Produced by the Institute for Medieval Studies at the University of Leeds in partnership with Brepols Publishers, the series currently contains 22 volumes.

Among the titles already published are Travel and Mobilities in the Middle Ages: From the Atlantic to the Black Sea, Time and Eternity: The Medieval Discourse, and the most recent volume, Approaches to Poverty in Medieval Europe: Complexities, Contradictions, Transformations, c. 1100-1500.

Anyone is able to propose a volume as editor, and we are keen to hear from interested scholars. If you would like to be involved, please email [email protected]

Find out more about International Medieval Research on the main IMC website.

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