Kings & Queens 6. At the Shadow of the Throne

The Kings & Queens conference series will be travelling to Madrid in 2017 for its sixth edition. On this occasion, we aim to connect scholars across the world whose research focuses on topics related to royal history, diplomacy, art history, political history, biographical studies or any other issues included in the scope of the royal studies. In particular, this edition of the Kings and Queens congress will be focused on the secondary members of royal families, such as siblings, spouses, cousins, as well as the people closest to the king, like lovers, favourites, members of the royal entourage, etc. We look especially for studies related to figures with family ties to a monarch, who were not kings or queens in their own right, but had a significant influence in spheres such as international politics, the court, the arts, the society or dynastic strategies during their time, with the objective of obtaining a better understanding of figures that are usually in the shadow of the throne. All kind of topics related to these issues will be welcomed, from diverse chronological periods and parts of the world.

Tuesday 12 September 2017 - Friday 15 September 2017

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