Maius Workshop

The Maius Workshop is an interdisciplinary group that brings together graduate students and early-career scholars dealing with Hispanic art (broadly considered to include literature, theatre, music, etc.) and history from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period. The aim of the Maius Workshop is to encourage dialogue among specialists in different stages of their academic life and to provide a forum for discussing methods of information gathering and research news.

The group is named after the tenth-century painter of the Morgan Beatus manuscript as we wish to create an interdisciplinary space where scholars of art and history can interact. We aim to bring together young researchers tackling the study of Hispanic culture and history and to create a strong network of specialists of Medieval and Early Modern Iberia and Latin America. Thanks to the new connections that our group will create, our meetings will develop current research rather than present finished projects. Our activities are directed to the diffusion of the interest in Iberian and Latin American cultural creations, with the long-term aim of establishing a permanent community open to all students of Hispanic art and history.

The first meeting will take place on Monday 16 October 2017, from 6pm to 7.30 pm, at The Warburg Institute, Classroom 1, Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AB. If you wish to attend, please, sign up using the following link:


For more information visit:

Monday 16 October 2017 - Monday 16 October 2017

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