English Literature in the World: From Manuscript to Digital – Interdisciplinary Crossways in Medieval Literature: Text and image


Medieval literature encompasses numerous literary genres like the chanson de geste, the epic, the fable, the romance or the lyric of the troubadours, which evolved throughout ten centuries (5th to 15th century). Medieval romance written in English, although a latecomer to the medieval literary and cultural scene, gained its own distinctive qualities, which can be found both in the variety of themes and motifs introduced and in its narrative structures. Moreover, the Matter of Britain is one of the main sources of inspiration for medieval authors from nearly every country in medieval Western Europe. We are interested in papers concerning all aspects of medieval literature, but are especially looking for:

  • Animals in medieval literature;
  • Chivalric romances and the evolution of the hero in medieval literature;
  • Emotions and their role in medieval texts;
  • Magic and the supernatural;
  • Medieval monsters;
  • Medievalism;
  • Old and Middle English literature;
  • Representations of home and family in medieval literature; Text and image.

The CFP is opened until Feb. 15, 2018.