International conference “The Middle Ages in the Modern World”

The Middle Ages in the Modern World is a biennial conference about the ways in which the Middle Ages have been received, imagined, invoked, relived, used, abused, and refashioned in the modern and contemporary worlds.

Hosted by John Cabot University and the Ecole française de Rome, MAMO 2018 will take place for the first time outside of Great Britain, in the historic center of Rome, on 21 – 24 November 2018.

Proposals for twenty-minute papers pertinent to medievalism in all parts of the world are warmly welcome, as are planned panels of three twenty-minute papers each. Proposals and papers may be presented in English, Italian, or French.

Paper and panel proposals are especially welcome in the following areas:


•Medievalism in contemporary public discourse
•Southern Europe and the Mediterranean
•North South East West
•Comparative periodization
•Early Modern medievalism

•Non-European perspectives


•Medievalism in modern and contemporary arts: visual, musical, architectural, theatrical
•Experimental archaeology
•Public history
•Festivals and re-enactments
•Re-inhabiting medieval spaces
•Medievalism and tourism
•Medieval material heritage: loss,restoration, adaptation
•How science and technology are transforming modern perceptions of the medieval world

For individual papers, please send abstracts of 250 words to: [email protected]</>

Panel proposals should include abstracts, names, and contact details of presenters and a short (c. 200 word) description of the panel itself and the organiser’s contact details.

Sunday 15 April 2018 - Sunday 15 April 2018

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