54º Seminario de Estudios Árabes

The 54th Seminar for Arabian Studies, organized by the International Association for the Study of Arabia (IASA), will take place in Casa Arabe, Cordoba, Spain, from 15th to 18th July 2020.

This is the first time since its establishment 50 years ago that the Seminar has been held in Spain. On this special occasion, there will be two special sessions to explore the cultural links that connect the two peninsulas: Iberian and Arabian.

Call for Papers

If you wish to offer a paper, please send an abstract to [email protected] on or before the 28 February 2020 for consideration by the Steering Committee. Do not send abstracts to any other e-mail address.

The abstract should include what the proposed paper intends to cover, an outline of the approach it will take and an indication of the significance of the topic. Abstracts may include up to three relevant bibliographical references. All abstracts must also include
1) name(s) and affiliation(s) of the contributor(s);
2) the title of the proposed paper;
3) five keywords.
Abstracts are limited to 200 words maximum (not including bibliographic references) and abstracts that are significantly over the word limit may rejected.

Presentations are limited to 20 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes for discussion. They can  be delivered in English, French or Spanish; however submissions for publication in Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies (PSAS) must be made in English. Due to programme time constraints, and the ever-increasing number of abstracts received, there is no guarantee that all papers will be accepted. The Steering Committee will select those abstracts that are most scholarly, with a focused statement of thesis or importance, clear aims and methodology, well-organized research data, specified sources, and coherent conclusions. As in previous years, the Committee will normally only accept one abstract from any given project.

Only those papers that are actually presented at the Seminar will be considered for publication in the PSAS, and they will be subject to editorial and peer review.

Special Sessions

We are pleased to announce that there will be two special sessions at the 2020 Seminar for Arabian Studies and we welcome abstract submissions to these sessions. Please submit your abstract to [email protected] on or before 28 February 2020 for consideration by the Steering Committee. Your abstract must include all the details listed above in the call for papers.

Special Session 1: Intellectual links: language, law, theology and culture in Jazirat al-‘Arab and Jazirat al-Andalus.

Al-Andalus was an integral part of the Islamic civilization that originated in the Hijaz in Arabia. There were of course important continuities from previous autochthonous and Mediterranean cultures in the Andalusian world, but Arabian cultural influence is probably one of its most important, and yet at the same time the one most ignored by scholars. In this Special Session we invite papers which discuss the intellectual and cultural links between Arabia and Al-Andalus, in law, literature and culture in its widest sense.

Special Session 2: Comparison of cultural environmental adaptations in the Arabian and Iberian peninsulas.

In this session we aim at discussing diversity in human adaptations to arid environments in the Arabian and Iberian peninsula. These two peninsulas are both large land masses with a range of geographies and with rich cultural histories. Although they came closely into contact only from the Islamic period onwards they shared similarities in climate, land, and connectivity long before that. This session is intended to allow scholars to present on behavioural strategies developed to cope with the specifics of arid landscapes in both Arabia and Iberia from the early prehistory to modern times. There is particular interest in settlement dynamics, subsistence strategies as well as water control and management from an archaeological point of view, but contributions from other perspectives are also welcome.

Focus Session Proposals
The Committee is happy to consider proposals for Focus Sessions. A Focus Session proposal must include a minimum of four papers and have a clear scholarly focus with the explicit purpose to promote discussion and debate on work currently in progress, the current state of scholarship, issues involved in the application of new approaches and models, etc. A proposal for a Focus Session should include a summary of up to 200 words outlining the purpose of the Session, along with abstracts formatted as outlined above for individual abstracts. The Committee will still consider each focus session abstract individually. A Focus Session chair may be nominated by the proposer but a final decision on this will remain with the Committee.

The Seminar welcomes submissions for the presentation of research posters. All posters presented at the Seminar must have an abstract approved in advance by the Committee; other posters will not be accepted. The deadline for the submission of poster abstracts is the 31 April 2020. A poster abstract submission form and guidelines are on the Seminar’s website. Posters will no longer be published as short papers in PSAS. For further information please see:  https://www.theiasa.com/seminar/ and contact [email protected]

Thursday 6 February 2020 - Friday 28 February 2020

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