About Medievalitis

What is Medievalitis?

Medievalitis is a web portal for the dissemination of news and events related to Medieval Studies. Managed by Manuel Magán Abollo, its main task is to facilitate access to and the dissemination of academic research in the field of medieval Iberian studies.

The format by which this web page intends to operate is collaborative. Every user has the opportunity to upload their own submissions which are then published on our website and social networks after passing the revision stage.

Main objectives

  • Collect, catalogue, display and archive news in an ordered, accessible and unified manner.
  • Provide well-balanced information with a clear focus (medieval Iberian studies) and aimed at a concrete audience so that the content is not disperse and the audience, though it might be smaller, is specialized.
  • To promote research, share ways to access it and facilitate the involvement of young people.
  • To explore the potential of new digital tools in the Humanities.
  • To streamline and facilitate access to information through bringing events promoted by different universities and centres of research together on one platform and making it so that this can be consulted via multiple media, moving away from social networks or registries.
  • To strengthen ties between academic communities across the Iberian Peninsula and to serve as a meeting point for researchers interested in the Middle Ages.


Medievalitis is a small project and doesn’t expect to grow much bigger. No matter how many people who work here permanently, there will never be enough of us to know about everything going on in the academic world. We will always need our users and because of this, to keep our website alive, it’s important that people submit news they think should be on Medievalitis. Only through collective effort will it be possible for a project like this to work.

We also ask for your help in many other ways, as you can see in the section on how to collaborate. The day you stop collaborating, Medievalitis will no longer have any meaning.

Financial benefits

There are no financial benefits connected to Medievalitis. Nobody receives any money for working or collaborating on this website. However, we are open to receiving donations that help us pay our expenses. In the section “transparency” you can see how we use this money.

Meaning behind our logo

We have decided to use a Caladrius as our logo. The Caladrius is a bird which, according to Roman mythology, uses its gaze to determine whether a patient is suffering from a mortal or a non-mortal illness. Hoping that we are not suffering from a mortal illness, we have positioned the Caladrius looking towards us as we suffer from medievalitis. The bird we’ve chosen appears on 36r-71v in the Harley bestiary (MS 3244, British Library) and was first produced between 1236 and 1250. Since the author of this work died more than 80 years ago, it has a free use license. The complete miniature can be found here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Caladrius_Harley_3244.jpg.

You can see how our logo has evolved in this section.

Conferences and publications

We have participated in a number of conferences sand publications which you can see here.