Medievalitis is possible thanks to the work and effort of many people. The website was designed, created and continues to be managed on a daily basis by Manuel Magán Abollo. In addition, this project benefited from the help of numerous supporters throughout its various stages. These people have helped shape Medievalitis with encouragement and advise, from its inception to its continuous development. The names of some of these supporters are listed in the section “History”.

Others have supported the project in other ways: by sending information, translating the website into various languages or through financial support.


Many individuals and institutions have sent information to Medievalitis, some anonymously (they are appearing here as “medievalist”) and others under usernames. Below are the names of all users who have supported Medievalitis by sending us news or links.


Many have helped us translate or proof-read the texts and the interface of Medievalitis.
Below you can see the names of those who have agreed to have their name published.

  • (Anónimos)
  • Albert Cassanyes Roig (Català)
  • Ana Clarinda Cardoso (Português)
  • Barry Byrne (English)
  • Belén Álvarez Pérez (Galego)
  • Bernardo Ríos Almagro (Português)
  • Danielle Oliveira Mercuri (Português)
  • Elisabetta Verardi (Italiano)
  • Fabian Bojkovsky (English)
  • Francesc Granell Sales (Català)
  • Giulia Carpino (Italiano)
  • Harriet Cook (English)
  • Helena Casas Perpinyà (Català)
  • Idoia Areizaga Llorente (Euskera)
  • Joaquim Rípodas Redón (Català)
  • Juanma Gallego (Euskera)
  • Manuel Magán Abollo (Castellano, galego, português & English)
  • Manuel Negri (Italiano)
  • María López-Monís (English)
  • Marta Piñeiro Rodríguez (Galego)
  • Miguel Ángel Sánchez Fernández (English)
  • Noelia V. Rodríguez (Italiano)
  • Raquel Castro Barja (Galego)
  • Raquel Siphone (Português)
  • Rebeca Remiseiro Laguna (Castellano)
  • Sara Ubach Balagué (Català)
  • Soledad Castaño Santos (Català)
  • Silvana R. Vieira de Sousa (Português)
  • Stefano Esposito (Italiano)
  • Viviana Ponce Escudero (Castellano)


Last but not least are those who have donated to Medievalitis and have agreed to appear here by name. Without their donations, none of this would be possible.

  • Anó[email protected] / Anonymous
  • Álava Medieval/Erdi Aroko Araba
  • Harriet Cook
  • Isabel Mellén
  • Lucía Magán
  • Manuel Negri
  • María Victoria Chico Picaza
  • María Hernández
  • Mariana Leite
  • Pedro Mandías Couto
  • Rosanna Cantavella


Gracias. Obrigado. Grazas. Gràcies. Eskerrik asko. Thank you. Grazie.