Silvana R. Vieira de Sousa

Silvana R. Vieira de Sousa

Ponte de Lima, 1992. I hold a degree in Art History from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (2015) and a Master in Portuguese Art History from the same teaching institution (2017). Currently, I am a PhD student in Art History and researcher of CHAIA at the University of Évora, developing my thesis: “Da Casa ao Lar: arquitecturas de habitação na cidade de Évora entre a Baixa Idade Média e o início da Modernidade” /"From House to Home: housing architectures in the city of Évora between the Late Middle Ages and the beginning of Modernity". In 2018 I was a research fellow of the HERITAS - Heritage Studies doctoral program (PD/BI/142934/2018) and since 2019 I am a predoctoral fellow of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (SFRH/BD/147018/2019).

III International Congress for Young Researchers in Middle Ages

On 12, 13 and 14 November 2020, the 3rd International Congress for Young Researchers in Middle Ages (ICYRMA) will take place at the University...

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