ARTES – Iberian & Latin American Visual Culture Group

ARTES is a Registered Charity (no. 1112883) dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of Iberian and Latin American Visual Culture.

It aims to bring together those with a special interest in the arts of Spain, Portugal and Latin America to:

  • Promote study and discussion
  • Organise regular meetings and visits
  • Provide news and information
  • Encourage collaboration across all fields and disciplines of Iberian and Latin American visual culture

ARTES was founded by Dr Hilary Macartney (University of Glasgow) and Dr Holly Trusted (the Victoria & Albert Museum), with the support of founding Honorary Presidents Professor Nigel Glendinning (1927-2012) and Enriqueta Harris Frankfort (1919-2006).

Based in the UK and Ireland, ARTES has extensive links to major art institutions throughout the world thanks to its founding members and longtime supporters: Dr Zahira Véliz Bomford  (Houston Museum of Arts), Dr Gabriele Finaldi (National Gallery London), Dr Mark Macdonald (Metropolitan Museum of Art), Dr Peter Cherry (Trinity College Dublin), Dr Xavier Bray (Dulwich Picture Gallery), Dr Catherine Whistler (Ashmolean Museum Oxford), Dr Geoff West (British Library), Dr Véronique Gerard Powell (University of Paris-Sorbonne) and Professor Jesusa Vega (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). ARTES also has close links with Auckland Castle Trust, Birkbeck College London, The Fitzwilliam Museum (University of Cambridge) and has recently become an associate of The British Spanish Society.

Members receive invitations to lectures, exclusive visits and private tours of exhibitions and collections of Iberian and Latin American art in the UK and Europe with leading experts. Every autumn members receive InformARTES, our newsletter containing articles, reviews and information on publications, exhibitions and events. If you sign up to our website (see the top of our front page), you will also be sent email postings of the latest events happening in the field worldwide.

Included in the membership fee is the annual visual arts issue of The Hispanic Research Journal which is published in October and which contains articles and reviews of fine and decorative arts, design and photography in Iberia and Latin America.

To join ARTES, go to the Join Us tab, or contact [email protected]

We do our best not to broach copyright and to support institutions by promoting their events. But if you wish to query the reproduction of any images on this website please contact us at [email protected] and we will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Registered Charity No. 1112883

ARTES works in collaboration with the British-Spanish Society