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‘Oh, could I but once experience what it felt like to live in a medieval castle’, confessed a renowned Medievalist to me over a beer at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds a few years back. No wonder, beloved features in Leeds as well as in Kalamazoo are all the workshops, concerts, performances and not least excursions, which accompany the more official programme. Even professional medievalists are romantics, it seems.

Medieval Histories – – is a website dedicated to this fanciful notion, but also to all the medievalists – professionals as well as hobbyists – who have ventured into studying and reliving the Middle Ages. Many of these endeavours are linked to careful readings of texts – inscriptions, charters, laws, sermons or literature. Or they are coupled up with careful studies of medieval arts and crafts – architecture, sculpture, jewellery and other more mundane artefacts like clothes, textiles and household furniture.

However, by visiting and sensing medieval landscapes, houses, churches and castles it becomes genuinely possible to get at least a sense of what it was like to live in a world, untouched by modernity.

Medieval Histories wishes to inspire all these time-travellers on their quests into the Medieval World in order to get a sense of bygone times.

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