History is often interpreted as something that happened a long time ago: a stagnant, unmoving moment in time that has little to no impact on our busy modern lives. Yet historians, archaeologists, and scholars are making new discoveries about the past every day, and our shared past serves as the theme for countless movies, novels, and games. History is a living, breathing entity that is constantly changing, moving, and happening all around us. offers readers the chance to learn and experience what is new in history by providing comprehensive coverage of news, books, articles, games, movies, pop culture and more.

OUR STORY‘s founders Sandra Alvarez and Peter Konieczny met each other while in the University of Toronto’s Medieval Studies program and became fast friends. After graduation, Peter continued onto get his master’s, while Sandra went on to college and the workforce. In the summer of 2008, the idea for came to life. Dissatisfied with stagnant sites that sat untouched for months, Peter and Sandra wanted something that was vibrant, that changed every day, and that engaged people with the past. They decided to start a site where they could blog about history, and post articles, news, book reviews and movies. They wanted to share their love of history and show people why history matters.‘s first post was uploaded on September 16, 2008. The rest, as they say, is history.