The Corpus of Medieval Narrative Art

This Website is a repository for photographs of medieval art which I shot between 2006 and 2010, whilst working on my PhD at the Courtauld Institute of art. Since my doctoral research interest was visual narratology, the emphasis here is very much on narrative art as it appears in stained glass and portal sculpture. Although practical considerations meant that I had to give up on academia after completing my PhD, I am still trying to find time to finish the task of post-processing and uploading the best of the roughly 10,000 images I shot on my various research trips to France. Eventually I may also implement a long-held wish to rewrite the whole website so that it can be searched and browsed by iconographical, as well as geographical, criteria. Unfortunately the only time I ever get to work on the website now is on the train during my daily commute between Tunbridge Wells and the City – so this may take some time.
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All images on this site are © Dr Stuart Whatling unless otherwise indicated but I freely grant license for anybody to use these images for any legitimate academic purpose. Let me know if you need higher-resolution images for publication. Commercial usage is strictly prohibited without prior permission.
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