We are announcing the “Tribune”, a free speech space for medievalism

Imagen We are announcing the “Tribune”, a free speech space for medievalism

Medievalitis keeps expanding as it receives more news and visits. Our aim is to help Mediaevalism grow in the Iberian Peninsula and to do so we are building a new section: an opinion column or blog where scholars and researchers will be able to publish their concerns or comment the latests news.

People interested won’t need to compromise or commit to it, as these are not scientific articles. The Tribune is about expressing yourself and let your voice travel beyond your faculty. Do you want to know more?

What kind of content is allowed?

We wouldn’t like to limit the topics. However, we may sum them up in these two points:

  1. Middle Ages. Complaints or proposals on the conservation of medieval objects, considerations on news that affect our knowledge of the Middle Ages (discoveries or new theories) or scientific dissemination (as some wonderful webs do).
  2. Academy and research world. Thoughts on the current state of the university, specific problems in the research field, opinions on training programs, criticisms of new publications or exhibitions, etc.
We will not admit advertising, news that already have another space in medievalitis.com, or very short entries. Nor would we accommodate content protected by copyright or plagiarism.

Who can post?


How do I publish?

First of all, you should send us an email to [email protected]. Then we will explain you what to do. But don’t worry, the process will be easy and quick.

Is there a minimum number of posts? Should I arrange my publications previously?

No. You can send your texts whenever you want and the amount you prefer.

What languages and formats are permitted?

Admitimos cualquier idioma, aunque recomendamos que escribas en alguna lengua peninsular, romance o inglés. En algunos casos es posible que solicitemos la traducción de algún fragmento para facilitar la revisión.

No hay limitación de formato, siempre y cuando tu entrada no sea un comentario breve y poco desarrollado.

I have a blog, but I’m interested.

Sí. Si para ti no supone un problema, puedes subir tus noticias a Medievalitis al mismo tiempo que a tu blog. Si lo deseas, también sería posible trasladar los contenidos de tu web a la nuestra y convertir Medievalitis en tu nuevo blog personal.

I create videos, images or podcasts. Can I share it?

If you produce videos, images or podcasts you can upload them to our web. You will just create a blog and add an entry when having new content. Also, we recommend you to send a link to our database.

Will I have a section of my own?

Yes, you will. In your section your posts will be shown, next to a picture, a description and links to your web or social networks. Also, If you ask for it, you could upload a custom header.

Will I have my own URL?

Your address will be www.medievalitis.com/WHAT-YOU-WANT. You can give your blog a title or choose your own name.

Are publications going to be reviewed?

Yes. We do not expect to restrict your freedom to write, but we must ensure that all posts respect privacy, education, sensibilities, copy rights and that they don’t support ideologies against Human Rights.

Do I need to pay?

No. However, we would thank a little help through donations. As you know, Medievalitis in an expensive project. For the last years, we have been able to pay the hosting and the domain thanks to university departments and some donations. In 2021 we will depend only on your help, so now we need you even more.

Could I publish just once?

Yes. Just write to us when you want.

Can I publish anonymously?

Yes, you can, but you should contact us beforehand. You might use a fake account.

For further information, send us an email.