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      In an effort to give to our members, we have created an image database that pools member images and allow others to use them free of charge and without restriction.

      The images in the archive were taken by ICMA members. By placing images in the database, members agree that the images can be used by other members without restriction. As all of the photographers responsible for these images are named, it is hoped that anyone who uses them for publication will credit the source (ICMA) as well as the photographer.

      At the moment we have a limited selection of images online but it is an attempt to show you how the system will work!

      In the short-term we are using Flickr to deliver this resource to you. Flickr makes it possible to move through pages of images which reflect the way in which they have been catalogued—this is a random arrangement. It is also possible to search more meaningful sets or groups of images, such as France, Gothic or Spain, or Romanesque. Once you see the image it is possible to view higher resolution versions by clicking on the magnifying glass icon just above the image on the left side. It is possible at all stages to download various sizes of each image.

      We invite all of our members to contribute their digital images. Unfortunately we cannot accept slides or prints for digitization—only digital files. Please send your images to using

      Please be sure to include any data you may have on the image including location, date, style, subject etc.


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